UK// 2014_09_London_AAG2014


PLACE: UCL University College London
DATES: 18-21/09/2014

  • AAG 2014 – Workshop 10 Prototyping optimization process in relation to solar analysis
  • Tutors: Judyta Cichocka, Marcin Kosicki, Piotr Halczuk

One of the best-known conferences – Advances in Architectural Geometry took place this year at University College London in London. Code of Space tutors had a pleasure to participate in it.

On 18th and 19th of September the main part of conference took place. Among key- note speakers: Cristiano Ceccato from Zaha Hadid Architect office, Mark Pauly from ETH Zurich and Berok Khoshnevis fromUniversity of Southern California. Cristiano Ceccato gave an opening lecture “Systematic Thinking and Digital Practice”. He was talking more about practical side of digital practice, showing some projects from Zaha’s office (among other example of panelization in Galaxy Soho complex in Beijing). One slide especially caught my attention. Unfortunately I did not manage to take a photo of it. In the slide Cristiano showed the software which is used in every design phase in Zaha Hadid office.  At research stage: Rhino/Grasshopper, design Phase: Revit, Microstation etc. and in the final drawings: AutoCad. This slide might be a strong argument in discussion with some stereotypical Polish design course leaders 🙂.


DSC_0112Presentation of the all clusters during the last day of the conference (21/09/2014). Judyta Cichocka presenting the brief of Workshop 10.

DSC_0092_xsOngoing workshop. Marcin Kosicki explaining the photomorphic panel system.


Ongoing workshop. Break for small discussions.

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