RU// 2014_04_Irkutsk_Code of Space

Code of Space – Rhino+Grasshopper workshops in Irkutsk!

DATES: 17-19.04. 2014
PLACE:  Gallery Revolution (Галерея Revoлюция), ул. КарлаМаркса, 40, Irkutsk, Russia, 2nd floor
AIM: The aim of the workshops is to provide an essential knowledge about parametric modeling in Rhino/Grasshopper design environment. Together during two days we will be learning how to implement generative methods into process of architectural design and as a result on the third day we will build a physical model!
17th April  Thursday
•             11.00-12.30 – introduction lecture, installing software
•             13.00-17.00 – workshops: creating parametric forms
18th April  Friday
•             11.00-12.30 – workshops: developing forms
•             13.00-17.00 – workshops: preparation for digital fabrication
•             18.00-19.30 – lecture: Parametric Design & Architectural Design Optimization
19th April  Saturday
•             10.00–15.00 – assembling the physical model

TUTORS: M.Arch. Judyta Cichocka (LabDigiFab, Wrocław University of Technology)+ Eugeny Moskalenko + assistant
REQUIRED SOFTWARE (install software with the below order):
1. Rhino 5 (Evaluation verisons):
Rhino 5 for Windows – Try this full version for 90 days –
2. add-on Microsoft Visual C++: (version 32-bit (vcredist_x86.EXE))
3. Grasshopper (0.9.0075): (email required)

You need to bring your own computers!



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